Siding is designed to withstand damage and protect your home, but that doesn't mean it's invincible. Severe storms, unusually cold weather and pesky animals can all cause damage to your siding.

If you need wood, metal, fiber cement or vinyl siding repairs in Jackson & Howell, NJ, trust Vargas General Contracting to get the job done.

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We'll make your house look like new

Vargas General Contracting approaches every job with the same attention to detail that we would bring to our own homes. We want your repairs to look completely coherent with the rest of your house. When you schedule a repair with Vargas General Contracting, we'll:

Come to your house at your convenience

Figure out whether you need a full replacement or minor repairs

Complete our services quickly and quietly

Clean up after ourselves and leave with minimal interruptions

We also perform exterior trim installations and repairs. Call Vargas General Contracting today to learn more about our repairs and replacements in Jackson & Howell, NJ.

Incorrect siding installations can lead to costly repairs down the line. To save yourself the headache-and the money-trust Vargas General Contracting for your siding installations. We can even replace your old siding to make your exterior look like new.

Call Vargas General Contracting today learn more about our siding replacements and installations. We serve Jackson & Howell, NJ and the surrounding area.

Choose the right siding for your home

All siding provides durable protection for your home's exterior, but that doesn't mean all siding is the same. You need siding that functions well in your environment and matches your style. Vargas General Contracting offers a variety of siding options in Jackson & Howell, NJ, including:



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